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Willow Street Dentist

Willow Street Dentist
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Did you know that Willow Street in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, takes its name from the many willow trees that can be seen throughout the community?

In the early part of the 20th century the main road into town was lined with willow trees on both sides for the full length of the town, hence the community’s name.

Willow trees are a symbol of survival, being able to bend without breaking. The willow tree finds its strength, stability and structure from its trunk, the foundation that stands firm against the storms. The branches by extension are flexible and strong, surrendering to the wind without being destroyed.

As time marched on and the town grew, the main road was widened and sidewalks were installed which required the willow trees be removed, leaving only a few of the original trees standing to this day.

In our small way, we hope to bring willow trees back to Willow Street. We are strong believers in the power of history, the importance of remembering our founders, and recognizing the journey that got us to where we are.

We secured White Willow during a global pandemic, in the middle of a “storm”, and because of the willow-nature of our team and it’s leaders, we did not break. We adapted and only grew better! Our success is in no small part due to the mentorship of our founder Dr. Edward White. Dr. Borowski and Dr. Ngan both trained under Dr. White for many years before buying White Family Dental and transforming it into White Willow Family Dental. And in honor of that strong foundation, we have kept his last name as a part of our office.

Meet Dr. Borowski

Dentist Willow Street Dr Borowski

You’ll know Dr. William Borowski (or Dr. B for short) by the huge smile he wears while seeing patients at White Willow Family Dental. He says, “I aim to treat every patient in my chair as if they were a family member, and make their visit as comfortable as possible.”

A native of Westminster, Maryland, Dr. Borowski comes from a large extended family. His education began at Shepherd University in Business Administration, and continued at Towson University after the discovery for his love of the Sciences.

Before his Dental Career, Dr. Borowski explored a wide range of occupations including carpentry, where he loved to work with his hands. That, combined with a love of helping others, ultimately led him to obtain his dental degree from the West Virginia University School of Dentistry.

In his free time Dr. Borowski enjoys spending time with his wife, Dr. Ngan, and their fluffy orange cat. He takes pleasure in exploring the local hiking trails or volunteering his time on dental mission trips.

Dr. Borowski is a caring and gentle man who wants you to feel confident in your smile. Make an appointment today, and whatever your dental needs may be, Dr. Borowski is here to listen and find a solution that works for you.

Meet Dr. Ngan

Dr. Tiffany Ngan is a general dentist who believes the best thing you can do to better yourself is to understand your own health. Knowing your mind and knowing your body will help you make important decisions to get you from where you are, to where you want to go.

Given that both her parents are professors at West Virginia University, it’s not a surprise that she thinks education is so important! Dr. Ngan began her dental journey in public health research. After graduating from Bryn Mawr College, Dr. Ngan had the opportunity to join a grant project funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH). This project looked at genetic biomarkers in saliva to look for a link between gum disease and Alzheimer’s disease. This research later led to a partnership with the National Institute of Dental Craniofacial Research (NIDCR) at the University of Pittsburgh, where Dr. Ngan helped investigate genetic inheritance between mothers and their new babies for cavities and other oral health issues.

This project took her all over the rural areas of West Virginia and Pennsylvania collecting data and providing valuable dental education to young mothers. Working on this project really opened her eyes to the greater impact she might have on the dental health of others if she could get out from behind a desk and dive into helping those she cared about one on one.

For this reason, she returned to complete dental school at her beloved alma mater, West Virginia University School of Dentistry, which she shares with Dr. Borowski and Dr. White.

In dental school Dr. Ngan was active with the American Student Dental Association and the Delta Sigma Delta Fraternity. She also served as chairperson for the WVU’s Rural Health Interest Group, a worthy altruism group which allowed students from all different medical fields to provide basic medical screening services and education to rural towns in southern West Virginia.

Dr. Ngan has made it a lifelong goal to help all those she can to understand their own personal health and “feel like their best-self”.

In her spare time, Dr. Ngan loves to travel, eat delicious foods from around the world, and bring those recipes home to experiment on her husband, Dr. Borowski.

Meet Dr. Teschner

A graduate from the Baltimore College of Dental Surgery, University of Maryland, Dr. Teschner cared first for the needs of our Sailors and Marines as a dentist in the U.S. Navy.

He came home to Pennsylvania in 1969 to establish his own dental practice. Over the years, Dr. Teschner has been a part of the evolution of dental care in Lancaster County. In 2007; having treated generations of patients for 38 years, he decided to retire. “But when you love what you do, you find that you don’t work a day in your life.” And so, in 2012 he returned to dentistry and cared for patients in both Lancaster County and Chester County.

He lives with his wife, Victoria and their two dogs in Oxford, Pa. They love to travel to Atlanta to spend time with their daughter, Samantha, her husband and their three-year-old twin boys.

In the Fall of 2016, Dr. Teschner joined the White Willow Dental Family. Now, patients from Millersville, Strasburg, Quarryville and Lancaster can get the very best dental care from Dr. Teschner in our Willow Street practice.